Batu Caves

The Batu Caves - A Great Travel Destination The Batu Caves marks an important landmark for the Hindu population in Malaysia. It is located in the north of Kula Lumpur on a massive limestone outcrop. The caves are home to an impressive array of Hindu deities gracefully sculpted into statues. And apart from the religious significance, the Batu caves and surroundings boast breathtaking scenic beauty and have a fascinating number of long tailed monkeys; quite intriguing in action. The Batu Caves was first discovered 120 years ago by the naturalist William Hornday but it rose to fame only after the sacred Hindu shrine was put up in this very location which later came to be known as the Temple Cave. It takes a flight of 272 stairs to get to the cave, a rather long walk which is absolutely worth it. Along the way you will be greeted with dense greenery and at your destination the sheer magnificence of the scenery is beyond comparison. The Caves, the cliffs and the plethora of monkeys merge to give you nature at its finest with a touch of artistic Hinduism to it all. Recently a massive statue of Lord Subranium has been erected at the site. This statue of Golden grandeur certainly adds to the sanctity of the Batu Caves. Every year the location is glorified by hundreds of devout pilgrims especially during the three days of Thaipusam. If you are in Malaysia during the latter part of January or early February make sure you watch the spectacle of this act of worship. During the three days of the festival, Lord Murgas's silver Chariot is carried from Sri Mahamariamman temple in KL to the Batu Caves. You can also watch many devotees literally piercing hooks on their bodies, tongues and backs as a mark of sacrifice to Lord Muruggan. The height of devotion you can witness at the Thaipusam is certainly awe inspiring.

Mount Kinabalu

The beauty and scenic view of mount kinabalu where one experiences the natural atmosphere Have ever experienced the best enjoyable nature of the mountains? Here is mount kinabalu, a perfect destination for you. The scenic view of the mount kinabalu is excellent, and one keeps on wanting to remain on the top of the mountains for as many hours as possible. It is a prominent mountain in the Southeast Asia and is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah. The mount kinabalu is a place for people to relax and do picnic activities all day and night. The mountain has sufficient security, and the environment is conducive for people to enjoy. The number of the climbers on the mount kinabalu is on the rise, and you should experience the real atmosphere. At the top of the mount kinabalu, there are always light showers that the climbers describe as enjoyable. It does not take one a lot of time to reach the peak of the mountain since the climbing paths have been modified to fit all people enabling them to enjoy nature. Make a point of enjoying nature at its best and have an adventure in a new environment of mount kinabalu.

Taman Negara Malaysia

Malaysia Holiday: Discovery of Taman Negara Malaysia Taman Negara Introduction The National Park or taman negara malaysia is the nation's very first and amazing official area that has been classified as protected area. The Park was originally named after the British King George V and is the ideal destination on the peninsular for natural enthusiasts and those looking for a good day of adventure in the beautiful green tropical rainforest. The National Park covers a sprawling 4344 sq km that is big and when you are in the park, you will notice that everything about this park is big. The trees are tall, their time spans long and the forest is just immensely huge and sprawls across a wide area providing for the best geological features, flora and fauna for you to appreciate and see. Having a holiday in Taman Negara is a vacation experience like no other. It's not every day that you can get up close and personal with the best of nature's offerings. Here is the ultimate destination for a holiday surrounded by nature. Observe wildlife, go bird watching and take a cruise down the river. You can even go kayaking here. If that is not enough for your appetite for a good adventure that you will remember for a long time, why not explore the beautiful caverns that have horizontal and vertical chimneys. The caves here are magnificent and provide for an amazing adventure. In Taman Negara; there is just too much to do and too little time. Tour Itinerary Suggestion Day 1: Destination Taman Negara When you land in KLIA, make arrangements to take a boat that will bring you to the resort in Taman Negara. The park is just accessible by boat so do be prepared for a good boat ride here. Spend your time and evenings taking nature walks nearby and enjoy a spectacular sunset. Day 2: Taman Negara Jungle Trekking Get ready for a good day of fun, excitement and an experience you will remember for a long time. Learn more about the trees here and keep an eye out for the creatures that call the park their home. The top of the hill rewards your efforts and time with a spectacular view of the tropical rainforest down below and on clear days, you can see the tallest mountain in the Peninsular of Malaysia; Gunung Tahan. Day 3: Departure Bid farewell to the beautiful park and the lush green surroundings as you head back to Kuala Lumpur.